Michael Fux Biography

Michael Fux came from humble beginnings and knows firsthand what it is like to have very little.

About the Founder

Michael’s family emigrated to the U.S. from Cuba when he was a teenager. The family of four lived in a one bedroom, seven story walk-up with no air conditioning.

Through hard work and ambition, Michael founded very successful companies in the home furnishings industry. He is currently the CEO of Comfort Revolution, a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of high-end sleep products.

Michael has never forgotten where he came from and is passionate about doing everything that he can to help those less fortunate.

News Articles

Giving Back: Industry Magazine, Photos by Danny Sanchez & Luca Sforza.

Founder of Sleep Innovations now leading Comfort Revolution: BedTimes Magazine, By Dorothy Whitcomb, March 2013